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As any true Italian knows, it all starts with the pasta. That’s why Chef Arrigoni hand-makes his pasta fresh, each and every day.

To complement the array of pasta dishes, PerBacco is pleased to offer a range of fine meats, cheeses, antipastis, mains and desserts, sure to delight the most sophisticated of palettes.

A visit to PerBacco would be incomplete without a sampling of our Street Foods – a modern take on traditional Asian and Italian bites that are beloved the world over.

Along with a wide selection of red, white and sparkling wines. The ideal way to round out your PerBacco experience.

  • A La Carte

    Parmigiana (V) 10.90
    Oven-baked eggplant layered with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and 24 months old parmigiano reggiano served with creamy tomato sauce and rocket salad

    Burrata 9.90
    Fresh Italian cow milk cheese made from mozzarella and cream served with marinated tomato concasse, rocket salad and basil oil

    Bone Marrow 9.90
    Charcol grilled bone marrow served with grilled bread topped with garlic butter and parsley salad

    Cantabrian Anchovies 9.90
    Top quality anchovies from Cantabrian Sea served with herbs butter, marinated tomato concasse and 2 slices of grilled bruschetta

    Goat Cheese (v)* 9.90
    Pan-seared goat cheese served with marinated grilled vegetables and Tuscan extra virgin olive oil

    Bresaola Punta D’anca 10.90
    Thin slice beef bresaola served with rocket and cherry tomato salad, parmigiano reggiano shave and lemon oil dressing

    Prawns “Caramelle” 16.90
    Homemade “caramelle” filled with king prawns, zucchini and ricotta served with crab sauce, garlic, chillies and white wine

    Basil Pesto and Burrata Lasagna (V)** 14.50
    Homemade lasagna layered with homemade basil pesto, burrata cheese and beshamel sauce served with Parmesan fondue

    CarboTartufata 14.50
    Homemade spaghetti chitarra served with crispy guanciale and truffle carbonara sauce (vegetarian option available)

    ‘Nduja Pappardelle 14.50
    Homemade pappardelle (large, very broad, flat pasta) cooked with spicy nduja, tomatoes concasse and chives topped with burrata cheese

    Reginette 13.50
    Homemade reginette (large, very broad, flat pasta) cooked with tomato sauce, garlic, oregano, fresh chilly, olives and roasted vegetable

    Tagliatelle Ragu 15.50
    Homemade long, flat ribbons of pasta served with Perbacco signature hand-chopped ragu (made from Italian sausage, beef cheeks, oxtail, beef short ribs and veal tongue).

    Zucchini Spaghetti (V)*** 14.50
    Crunchy zucchini spaghetti served with garlic, chillies, basil and tomatoes concasse drizzle with extra virgin olive oil

    Chicken Milanese Escalope 16.50
    Pan-fried breaded corn feed chicken breast cooked with clarify butter and sage served with rocket salad and tomato concasse

    Sea Bass 17.50
    Pan-seared sea bass fillet cooked with tomatoes concasse, capers and olives served with tenderstem broccoli and lettuce salad

    Sirloin Steak 24.50
    Pan-seared 40 days dry aged sirloin steak (250 gr) served with red wine sauce and lamb lettuce salad

    Venetian Style Tiramisu 8.50
    Ladyfingers dipped in coffee liqueur layered with mascarpone mousse and topped with cocoa powder

    Zabaione mille-feuille 8.50
    Three layers of puff pastry filled with berries and marsala wine custard

    Crème Brûlée 7.50
    Slow cooked vanilla bean creme brulee and mixed berry compote

    Gelato 6
    Our gelato is made with a base of milk, cream, sugar and flavoured with fresh fruit or nut purees. It is lower in fat and contains half the butterfat of other types of ice cream. Gelato typically contains less air, 30% instead of 80%, and more flavouring than other kinds of frozen desserts, giving it a density and richness that distinguishes it from other ice creams.

    Selection of 2 scoops of gelato - Peanut Butter, Chocolate OR Pistachio

    Sorbet 6
    Selection of 2 scoops of sorbet - Lemon, Mango OR Strawberry

    (V)* Vegeterian. (V)** Vegeterian but contains Parmesan Cheese. (V)*** Vegan.
    These menus are subject to change due to seasonality and produce availability.
  • Additional Sides

    Rocket salad with parmesan cheese, Tenderstem broccoli with garlic and chili, Grilled marinated vegetables , Homemade spaghetti chitarra served with tomato sauces 4.50
  • Kids Menu

    Complimentary one scoop of ice cream for dessert

    Chicken Milanese 10.50
    Pan-fried breaded farm chicken breast served with broccolini

    Tagliatelle with Tomato Sauce 8.50
    Homemade long, flat ribbons of pasta (green* and yellow*) served with tomato sauce

    Tagliatelle w Parmesan & Butter 8.90
    Homemade long, flat ribbons of pasta (green* and yellow*) served with butter and parmesan

  • Bar Snacks

    Bread Basket 2.90
    Artisan breads served with Truffle butter

    Olives 3.00

    Arancini 6.90
    Deep-fried black truffle and fontina cheese risotto balls coated with Japanese breadcrumbs

    Pomodoro Bruschetta 5.90
    Bruschetta served with tomato and garlic

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