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As any true Italian knows, it all starts with the pasta. That’s why Chef Arrigoni hand-makes his pasta fresh, each and every day.

To complement the array of pasta dishes, PerBacco is pleased to offer a range of fine meats, cheeses, antipastis, mains and desserts, sure to delight the most sophisticated of palettes.

A visit to PerBacco would be incomplete without a sampling of our Street Foods – a modern take on traditional Asian and Italian bites that are beloved the world over.

Along with a wide selection of red, white and sparkling wines, we offer a unique opportunity to enjoy Baladin, an authentic Italian handcrafted beer. The ideal way to round out your PerBacco experience.

A La Carte Menu

  • Street Food

    Arancini 7.90
    Deep-fried black truffle and fontina cheese risotto balls coated with Japanese breadcrumbs

    Bao 9.90
    Slow braised pork belly with sweet pickled daikon, Japanese mayo and hoisin ketchup

    Époisses 10.90
    Oven-baked melting middle epoisses cheese rolled with filo pastry served with figs mustard

    Korean Fried Chicken Wings 8.90
    Double deep-fried chicken wings coated with Korean soy sauce and corn syrup topped with sesame seeds

    Spicy Korean Chicken 8.90
    Grilled chicken thigh marinated with special Korean sauce served with avocado mousse, smoked chipotle sauce, pickled onions and brioche bun

  • Starter

    Beef Carpaccio 9.90
    Hand sliced beef tenderloin carpaccio served with wild rocket salad and shaved Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

    Burrata 9.90
    Fresh Italian cow milk cheese made from mozzarella and cream served with cherry tomatoes confit and basil oil

    Culatello Di Parma 13.90
    Thin slice Culatello Di Parma (the most precious and wanted ham in Italy) served with deep-fried gnocco fritto and pear mustard

    Smoked Foie Gras 13.90
    Thin sliced smoked duck foie gras served with poached pears and grilled brioche

    Smoked Swordfish Carpaccio 9.90
    Thin slice smoked swordfish marinated with extra virgin olive oil and lemon served with orange and fennel salad

    Tuna Tartare 9.90
    Sicilian tuna tartare marinated with orange juice, orange zest, pink pepper and shallot

  • Homemade Pasta

    Emilia Romagna Tortellini
    Simple and traditional homemade tortellini recipes have been passed down from my grandma. We use the best quality ingredients when making the tortellini and we serve the best pasta to everyone. This is not an ordinary dish but it brings back all the good memories and tradition from my lovely homeland - Italy.

    You may choose any of the following:
    + Tortellini cooked in rich broth (made from free range whole chicken, short ribs, oxtail abd Parmesan crust) 18.90
    + Tortellini cooked with 36-month Parmigiano cream sauce 18.90
    + Tortellini cooked with hand-chopped ragu (made from Italian sausage, beef cheeks, oxtail and beef tounge 18.90

    Crabmeat Tagliatelle 18.90
    Homemade long, flat ribbons of pasta served with crabmeat, crispy pancetta, garlic and chillies

    Lasagna 16.90
    Homemade lasagna layered with PerBacco signature 3-meat ragu (made from beef, veal and pork braised with demi-glace and Chianti wine), béchamel sauce and Parmigiano Reggiano

    One Egg Raviolo 16.90
    Homemade large raviolo stuffed with wild mushrooms, ricotta cheese and runny egg yolk served with brown butter and sage

    Pumpkin Tortelloni 16.90
    Homemade pumpkin tortelloni (stuffed pasta) served with grapes, pine nuts, sage and butter sauce

    Spicy Pork Blood 17.90
    Homemade spicy pork blood spaghetti alla chitarra cooked with spicy ‘nduja sausage, onion soffritto served with melted burrata cheese

    Tagliatelle Ragu 17.90
    Homemade long, flat ribbons of pasta served with Perbacco signature hand-chopped ragu (made from Italian sausage, beef cheeks, oxtail and beef tounge)

  • Main Course

    Calf Liver 19.90
    Pan-seared calf liver cooked with butter and sage served with mashed potatoes and charcoal grilled onion

    Cod 18.90
    Charcoal grilled cod fillet marinated with miso served with olives, capers and sake wine

    Dry-aged Ribeye 23.90
    300 grams English dry-aged ribeye (medium rare) served with rocket salad, Parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar

    Iberico Pork Cheeks 20.90
    Braised iberico pork cheeks marinated with garlic and port wine served with truffled mashed potatoes

    Salmon 17.90
    Charcoal grilled salmon fillet served with soy ginger dressing, grilled baby gem and cherry tomatoes
  • Dessert & Cheese

    Bonet 6.90
    Traditional chocolate and amaretti pudding (a cross-over between creme caramel, blancmange and chocolate pudding). Crème Brûlée 6.90
    Slow-cooked vanilla bean crème brûlée, mixed berry and vanilla ice cream Gelato 4.90
    Selection of 3 scoops of gelato - chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or lemon sorbet Millefoglie 6.90
    Two layers of puff pastry filled with fresh berries and vanilla custard Venetian Style Tiramisu 5.90
    Ladyfingers dipped in coffee liqueur layered with mascarpone mousse and topped with cocoa powder Gorgonzola 8.90
    Gorgonzola (Soft goat blue cheese, pasteurized goat’s milk) served saffron pear and candied walnuts
  • Additional Sides

    Baby Spinach 4.00

    Datterino Tomato Salad 4.00

    Mixed Leaf Salad 4.00

    Deep-fried Zucchini 4.00

Breakfast and Brunch

We are delighted to begin offering a breakfast and brunch service.

Be sure to plan ahead, as the breakfast and brunch menu is only available on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am - 4pm. Also, bottomless brunch available from 12pm onwards.
  • Brunch Deal

    Starts From 12PM-4PM

    28.90 per person
    Coffee/ Tea + Main Course (One dish from sweet, savoury or egg-cellent ) + A Glass of Orange Juice + Unlimited Prosseco (a maximum 1.5 hours)

    Set Meal
    16.90 per person
    A glass of Prosecco + Coffee/ Tea + Main Course (One dish from sweet, savoury or egg-cellent )

  • Brunch

    Canadian 9.90
    Classic buttermilk pancakes served with mixed berry compote and Canadian maple syrup.

    Full ’Italish’ Breakfast 10.90
    Grilled tuscan sausage, scambled or fried eggs, smoked pancetta, grilled portobello, roast tomato, Dad’s baked beans and grilled signature brioche.

    Portobello 9.90
    Poached Italian egg, portobello mushroom, cooked ham, onion pickled, hollendaise sauce on brioche and rocket salad.

    Fulham Road 8.50
    Avocado on sourdough toasted bread served with 2 poached eggs tomato and rocket salad.

    Norwegian 9.90
    Avocado, grilled asparagus spears and poached eggs wrapped with Norwegian smoked salmon topped with hollandaise sauce and salmon pearls on brioche.

  • Egg-cellent

    Served with toasted sourdough bread and rocket salad

    9.90 for each dish except for Crab Meat, Prawns, Truffle with additional £2.

    + Caramelized onion, fresh cream and chives scrambled eggs topped with smoked salmon

    + Crab meat scrambled eggs topped with green asparagus

    + Spicy ‘nduja scrambled eggs topped with Parmesan crisps

    + Truffle scrambled eggs topped with prosciutto.
  • Kid's Menu

    Poached Egg 4.50
    Poached egg served with brioche and baked tomato

    Mini Canadian 4.50
    Classic buttermilk pancake served with mixed berries compote and Canadian maple syrup.

    Scrambled Eggs Toast 4.50
    Well done scrambled eggs served with toast

  • Cocktails

    Starts at 12pm

    Mimosa 6
    Prosecco + Fresh Orange Juice

    Bloody Mary 8
    Spiced Tomato Classic + Vodka

    Campari + Gin + English Breakfast Tea

    Espresso Martini 8
    Vodka + Espresso coffee + Cinnamon Syrup

  • Hot Drinks

    Expresso 1.70

    Double Expresso 2.50

    Decaf Coffee 2

    Cappuccino 2.70

    Caffè Americano 2.50

    Caffè Latte 3

    Flat White 3.20 Selection of Tea 2

    Hot Chocolate 3

    Organic Matcha Grade III Latte 3.50
  • Cold Drinks

    Avocado Smoothie 4.50

    Banana Milkshake with Vanilla Ice Cream 4

    Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice 3.50

    Bottled Juices (Apple, Apricot, Orange, Peach, Pear, Pineapple or Tomato) 2.50

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