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As any true Italian knows, it all starts with the pasta. That’s why Chef Arrigoni hand-makes his pasta fresh, each and every day.

To complement the array of pasta dishes, PerBacco is pleased to offer a range of fine meats, cheeses, antipastis, mains and desserts, sure to delight the most sophisticated of palettes.

A visit to PerBacco would be incomplete without a sampling of our Street Foods – a modern take on traditional Asian and Italian bites that are beloved the world over.

Along with a wide selection of red, white and sparkling wines, we offer a unique opportunity to enjoy Baladin, an authentic Italian handcrafted beer. The ideal way to round out your PerBacco experience.

A La Carte Menu

  • Street Food

    Arancini (V) 5.90
    Deep-fried rice balls filled with fontina and black truffle

    Crocchetta 4.90
    Deep-fried mashed potatoes with spicy nduja served with aioli sauce

    Spicy Korean Chicken 6.90
    Grilled chicken thigh marinated with special Korean sauce served with avocado mousse, onion pickles, smoked chipotle sauce and brioche bun

    Bao 7.90
    Slow braised pork belly with sweet pickled daikon, Japanese mayo and hoisin ketchup

    Époisses 8.90
    Oven-baked epoisses cheese rolled with filo pastry served with figs mustard
  • Starter

    Spicy Braised Squid 10.90
    Squid braised with tomato 'nduja served with grilled bread

    Tuna Tartare 11.90
    Sicilian tuna Tartare served with avocado, tomatoes and olive salad topped with tempura prawn

    Beef Carpaccio 11.90
    Thin sliced fassona beef carpaccio topped with black truffle Japanese mayonnaise served with cripsy vegetables

    Burrata 9.90
    Burrata served with caponata and basil dressing

    Creamy Polenta 10.90
    Traditional creamy polenta served with fricassee of wild mushrooms and truffle
  • Salumi

    Salumi served with gnocco fritto

    Selection of 5 types of Salumi 13.50

    Finocchiona Gelli 7

    Parma Ham S'Ilario 28 Months 7.50

    Salame Felino IGP 7

    Pancetta Flat Mori 7

    Mortadella Negrini 7
  • Cheese

    Formaggi/Cheese served with homemade mostarde

    Selection of 4 types of Formaggi 12.90

    Gorgonzola DOP ORO (Soft cheese, raw whole cow’s milk) 7.90

    Mature Pecorino (Hard cheese, pasteurized sheep’s milk) 9.90

    Taleggio DOP (Soft cheese, cow’s milk) 7.90

    Toma Piemontese DOP (Soft cheese, raw whole cow’s milk) 6.90

    Ubriaco Di Raboso (Semi hard cheese, pasteurized cow’s milk) 9.90
  • Homemade Pasta

    We are using Organic Kamut Flour for our homemade pasta. It also called Khorasan wheat or Oriental wheat. Kamut wheat is organically grown and is highly nutritious providing high levels of protein, niacin, thiamine, zinc, magnesium, iron, and riboflavin.

    Porcini Mushroom Risotto 15.90
    3 years old Acquerello rice cooked with Italian porcini mushrooms and shaved pecorino cheese

    Beetroot Ravioli “Casunziei” 14.90
    Homemade half moon ravioli filled with beetroots and potato cooked with butter, poppy seeds and sage

    Gnocchi 14.90
    Homemade potato gnocchi filled with taleggio served with almond milk and crispy serrano ham

    Spicy Pork Blood Pasta 14.90
    Homemade spicy pork blood spaghetti chitarra with ‘nduja, onion soffritto and burrata cheese

    Agnolotti 15.90
    Homemade agnolotti filled with roasted pork belly, cotechino sausages and rabbit served with Barolo sauce

    Sea Bream Ravioli 15.90
    Homemade sea bream ravioli served with crab sauce and roasted prawns

    Mushroom Soup 6.60
    Hot creamy mix mushrooms soup served with truffle croutons
  • Main Course

    Wagyu Beef 27.90
    Pan-seared wagyu beef sirloin (cooked medium rare) served with truffle potato

    Octopus 29.90
    Slow cooked spiced octopus leg with lemon potato, radish and bottaga mayonnaise

    Beef Cheek 25.90
    Slow braised beef cheek marinated with barbera wine, creamy mashed potato and garlic broccolini

    Poussin 22.90
    Oven-baked poussin marinated with rosemary and garlic served with ‘cacciatore’ sauce

    Fish Of The Week
    Please feel free to find out more information from our staff

  • Dessert

    Bombolini 5
    Deep-fried sugar coated Italian doughnuts served with fresh vanilla custard

    Venetian Style Tiramisu 5.90
    Ladyfingers dipped in coffee liqueur layered with mascarpone mousse and topped with cocoa powder

    Crème Brûlée 5
    Slow-cooked amaretto crème brûlée

    Millefoglie 5
    Three layers of puff pastry filled with fresh strawberries and vanilla custard Gelato 4.90
    Selection of 3 scoops of gelato - chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or lemon
  • Additional Sides

    Baby Spinach 3.50

    Roasted potato 3.50

    Mixed leaves salad 3.50

    Deep-fried zucchini 3.50

PerBacco London Italian Restaurant
Italian Restaurant PerBacco Lunch Promotion

Breakfast and Brunch

We are delighted to begin offering a breakfast and brunch service. You are welcome to select from sweet and savory menu options in addition to refined salad selections.

Be sure to plan ahead, as the breakfast and brunch menu is only available on Saturday and Sunday from 9:30am - 4pm. Also, bottomless brunch available from 12pm onwards.
  • Sweet Breakfast

    Sweet Morning 9
    Twice cooked signature brioche French toast with mango served with vanilla bean mascarpone mousse and mixed berry compote.

    Canadian 8.90
    Classic buttermilk pancakes served with mixed berry compote and Canadian maple syrup.

    Caribbean 9.90
    Coconut waffles topped with passion fruit crème pâtissière, mango and banana and toasted coconut flakes

  • Savoury Breakfast

    Parisian 9.90
    Leg ham, Gruyère cheese and Dijon mustard stuffed French toast made with signature brioche topped with fried eggs and hollandaise sauce served with salad and pearl tomatoes on vine.

    English 11.90
    The full works. Scrambled or fried Italian eggs, crispy bacon, pork sausage, sautéed mushrooms, Ancle’s baked beans, breakfast potatoes and grilled vine ripened tomato served with toasted bread.

    European 9.90
    Two poached Italian eggs and sautéed mushrooms wrapped with Italian prosciutto topped with hollandaise sauce on signature brioche.

    I Love New York 9.90
    Creamy scrambled eggs and caramelized onions topped with smoked salmon served with hand rolled sesame bagel and cream cheese.

    Norwegian 12.90
    Avocado, grilled asparagus spears and poached eggs wrapped with Norwegian smoked salmon topped with hollandaise sauce and salmon pearls on brioche.

    Sydney 8.90
    Egg white with spinach and tofu omelette, tomato, salad and signature brioche
  • Pastries

    Almond Croissant 2.20

    Butter Croissant 1.80

    Croissant with Vanilla Custard or Chocolate Ganache 3.50

    Croissant with Ham and Cheese 3.80

    Croissant with Vanilla Ice Cream 3.80

    Pain Au Chocolate 2.30

    Toasted Bread with Ham and Cheese 3.50
  • Hot Drinks

    Expresso 1.70

    Double Expresso 2.50

    Decaf Coffee 2

    Cappuccino 2.70

    Caffè Americano 2.50

    Caffè Latte 3

    Flat White 3.20 Selection of Tea 2

    Hot Chocolate 3

    Organic Matcha Grade III Latte 3.50
  • Cold Drinks

    Avocado Smoothie 4.50

    Banana Milkshake with Vanilla Ice Cream 4

    Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice 3.50

    Bottled Juices (Apple, Apricot, Orange, Peach, Pear, Pineapple or Tomato) 2.50

Bottomless Brunch

Italian Restaurant PerBacco Bottomless Brunch and Set Meal

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